Time to clear out some stuff...

I've decided to sell a number of cameras and lenses and accessories. We're about to take on a huge renovation, and I'd rather take less than more with us when we have to move out for 8-12 months while the renovation of two floors of our house takes place.

I thought I'd put up a short list of things going - to stir up some interest. I'll also include what I think is a fair price for each item (stated in USD). I'm open to offers -- no trades (I don't need MORE stuff - however, the plan is to buy a NEW digital camera and one lens to pick up on a project I started long ago - more on that later).

So -- here's what I've got so far (all prices in US Dollars - does not include shipping - shipping will be estimated as closely as possible). Payment via PayPal works best for me. I'll cover the fees.

Navigation note: I set up the images below so you can click on the image to see the next image in the slide show.


Fuji GW 690 III with Fujinon EBC 90mm f3.5 lens  - $300 USD - The camera has been cleaned, lubricated or adjusted. Cosmetically the camera is in good condition. It shows signs of wear. The counter is at 811. The camera had the top replaced. The advance lever replaced. The film advance mechanism was overhauled. The lens was cleaned. The rangefinder was aligned. The rangefinder window was cleaned. The light seals were replaced.  

Overall Body Condition: This camera is average to good. There are scratches and scuff marks on the camera. The plastic body is not cracked.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is very clean and contrasty. The rangefinder is accurate vertically and horizontally.

Lens Condition: The lens is a Fujinon EBC 90mm f3.5 . The lens has no mold, fungus, haze or cloudiness. The are cleaning marks on the front element that can been seen under angled light. There is internal dust.
Shutter Condition: The shutter is clean and snappy. The shutter speeds are accurate.



Voigtlander 35 f/1.2 lens for the Leica — the original — wonderful lens — but I never use it. Slight brassing - great glass. Includes front and rear caps. -- 625 USD.


Nikkor 5cm f/1.4 LTM — black aperture ring — great lens. Smooth focus and firm aperture clicks. Excellent glass. Includes generic rear and front caps. $400 USD.


Zeiss 21mm ZM f/2.8 — I love this lens - just doesn't see much use -- Excellent - rear and front cap and shade included - 850 USD - I'll also include a 25/21mm Voigtlander finder - it's like new - but not pictured here. I can send along a photo if you need one.


I'm going to attempt to sell to people I know first - most of which drop by here - or know me from other photography endeavors. Anyone who knows me, knows I keep all my camera gear in top shape - I'd like to see everything go to good homes. If I don't move things here, I'll probably go to the big, ugly auction site -- or maybe RFF for some things.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I can provide photos - if need be. I may even create a page with each item - a few photos - and more detailed description.

Film to Burn

It's taken me a little while to kick things into gear. Funny how a little scanning does the trick for me. There's just something wonderful seeing film scans (second to seeing a print appear in a developing tray).

I dropped my beloved T3 not long ago. I didn't drop it far. I was sitting on the wood floor taking photos of Mae and the camera just slipped out of my hands. There's a slight dent on the lens ring - but other than that the camera is fine. I just scanned a roll of b&w film I shot with it right after the incident and the images are sharp as ever - maybe a little over exposed, but that's the way the meter always seems to work on the T3 - just the way I like it.

Now - I just need to get my butt in gear and burn through some film to get my bearings again.

A New Era

I spent today taking down my old site - No Traces. I hadn't done anything with the site in months, but it was really hard to bring myself to finally pull the plug. I'm glad I did. I feel better about making a new start.

It was over 10 years ago I started No Traces - and I can still remember when I took it live and wondered if anyone would ever visit or comment on anything I put up. That was way back when photoblogs were still new and exciting. As it turned out I had a lot of visitors - lots of comments - and I made so many great friends (both in the real and virtual worlds) - it was well worth the effort it took to post images most every day for ten years.

Now, I'm more interested in making strong images. Focusing not on quantity, but quality. I never really felt like I was creating anything worthy of the definition of quality until the last few years of posting on No Traces. I had been away from photography for nearly 20 years before I started my blog - so I looked at what I was doing at No Traces as a relearning process - schooling. I went back and revisited everything from how to develop my film to making prints in the darkroom to learning digital workflow (which was completely new to me).

So - here I am again. I feel like I got a good education and foundation in photography. I can make a decent image. I'm not caught up in acquiring cameras and lens any longer. I know how to use every camera I own - every lens - every film type. It took a long time to get to this place. The challenge I have now is motivating - pushing myself to do more - to go beyond where I ended with No Traces. I have to be honest and say at the moment I'm far from motivated. I'd much rather take my iPhone on walks and post images to Instagram. I'd rather shoot with a digital camera and use VSCO to make things look pretty. BUT - I have a cabinet full of pretty awesome cameras - and a few fridges full of great film - I know it won't be long before I feel the pull of it all - beckoning me back to where I began...

It's me again

If you're coming to visit for the first time - thanks much. As of December 30th 2014, I haven't done much with this site other than populate it with some images to see how things work. Everything seems to be working great, but I've received a few notes saying that the Stowed gallery doesn't always work the way it should on an ipad. I'm not sure there's much I can do about that on my end - that seems like either a template issue - or something in the Squarespace backroom.

I plan on spending some serious time with this site over the next several months. I have thousands of images I've shot over the years - and I'd love to show some of them here - along with new images I create in the coming year.

Slowly Slowly Slowly

I'm trying to decide whether to have comments on this part of the site - or not. I can see from my stats that a few people are visiting, and it would be nice to leave an opening for dialog. The thing is I don't want site wide comments -- just for specific posts - like this one. I'll figure it out...

UPDATE: I figured out how to do it -- EZ PZ. Comments for Words is enabled.

I'm itching to break out my view camera, but my model - and the weather - aren't cooperating. My model lost a tooth and is just plain witchy these days. Maybe I'll lug everything to Chicago with me and take some photos there.

It's settled

I'm staying. I really like the framework of Squarespace. I can do just about everything I want - and probably everything, once I take the time to figure it all out.

There are several templates I can use for my photographs, but right now Native seems simple enough and gives me what I'm really after. All I really want is a place to put my daily film work - along with a place to put work I've done in the past (right now I just call it RECENT - but I may change it so it's more apparent where the new and the old can be found).

I spent the last year or more trying to figure out what to do next -- after spending 10 years posting images on flickr (which was a wonderful place for most of those years - I met so many great people there, and learned so much -- but it's time to move on). I also have a photoblog - notraces.com - a place where I posted a few thousand images over the years - a place where I recorded 10 years of my life -- and like flickr, it just got old and antiquated - and not much fun -- so I basically put No Traces in mothballs - and that's where it'll stay.

Now - I'm not interested in the social aspect of sharing my work - at least not in the way flickr, instagram, etc. encourage sharing images / commenting... I enjoyed all of that for lots of years - but now I just want a place where I can share images / words / videos / ideas / with friends and family - and anyone else that happened by. I think this platform will work great for me. I won't have to worry about hosting and upgrading (I used Movable Type / Wordpress for lots of years) - all I have to do is what I love doing - make images - and post them.

I've gone through some personal challenges over the last few years -- turning 55 weighed heavy on me - and if you're familiar with my story, you'll know I've spent the last 6 years raising one of the coolest little girls ever - Mae. I've learned so much being with her every day of her life - and I want to spend many more with her -- and I suppose that's what spawned this next phase.

I want to leave something behind for Mae - and my family and friends - in case something happens to me. Something to celebrate days gone by - and whatever days remain...

I love you, Mae. This is for you.